Architecture and design conceived by the team is oriented towards research and evolved planning in a fusion between aesthetic solutions and technological content: the studio becomes an incubator of team’s creative potential, a forum in which to elaborate ideas, compare them with colleagues and determine which are better for client needs. In this climate of organization and cooperation, listening and creativity diffuse between management and staff guarantees elevated standards of designing as well as timely fulfilment of tasks.
The goal of each project is to delve into every aspect of construction, concurring to create dialogue between allof its elements: space, materials, contrast of light and shadow, brilliance and opacity, volume and symbolic graphics, in reference to cultural modifications already underway and those foreseeable, in search of a new and solid identity in which the circle of life endures.

Interior Design

The Studio’s strength lies in the conception of solutions in which functionality, aesthetics and best materials join to optimize the projects. The Artifex’s designers look towards the realization of works which are not conditioned by current trends but by exclusive and fascinating shapes, capable of responding to customer requirements, executed in high Italian quality.
The most interesting and intriguing aspect in its activity is the (DO) a workshop for interiors design, able to develop exclusive projects for dwellings, villas, hotels, offices and commercial spaces. The Studio assumes the role of creative executive and meeting place for Tuscan firms specialized in manufacture of furniture and decorations, joined by a long passed down tradition made of talent and passion for the Arts and Crafts that has distinguished the history of Tuscany over the centuries.
As well as providing classical architectural and design solutions, the Artifex’s creative workshop provides an exclusive service that pays close attention to construction management of interior through the choice, supply and installation of furniture materials, object art and crafts to the total completion of a masterpiece, in any part of the world.

“Projects that don’t follow passing trends, but the best examples of Italian Design.”


The Studio adapts project solutions which look towards an integrated system of sustainable living with particular attention to landscape and surrounding environment during the planning of building construction and urban restoration. Artifex consider this field an important part of any project development which use a sustainable approach to architecture in order to minimize any negative impact of the future structure on the environment and meantime create special atmosphere by means of reasonable landscape design.
The architectural practice research in the field of high energy efficiency systems the best solutions for new buildings. On existing ones, it designs an extensive renovation to increase its energy performance: the approach systems will have to ensure a high energy efficient considering all the variables, details, and interactions that affect energy use in the buildings.
Artifex supports its projects to look into a renewable energy system and complementary synergistic technology approaches to obtain Zero-Energy Buildings (ZEB).
It’s expert on designing KlimaHaus: its performance certification is characterised by a strict protocol to guarantee all energy saving benefits, the construction of healthier buildings, more durable and comfortable for the future inhabitants.

Corporate and brand identity

The activity of the Studio includes a service of graphic design and brand identity to ensure a cohesive style of corporate images: a great naming combines design and strategy to evoke emotion and convey the value of a company, a product or any other project. The Studio understands how to capture the corporate essence, examining the visual devices that identify the brand elements and style guidelines like stationery, marketing collateral, packaging, signage and web digital projects.
Some projects of brands identity are created to support real estate sales campaign of Artifex’s customers.