Studio Artifex was founded in 1991 by Stefano Bigi, Marco Lapi, Claudio Lastrucci, Marco Rossi in Terranuova Bracciolini, the city known best for its proximity to the picturesque vineyards and the production of Chianti Classico between Florence, Siena and Arezzo. In over years, its founding members have been joined by Alessio Agnoletti, Stefano Fabbroni, Enzo Monini and Simone Tellini. The Studio operates as an integrated team through the headquarter in Italy and offices in Russian Federation to acquire and develop work projects in partnership with management, architects, engineers and designers.
Artifex is today a team of more than 10 highly specialized professionals in architecture and design with particular regard for applied research in the fields of environmental sustainability, low-energy and zero-energy buildings. Even if the focus is on architecture, from the landscape to buildings, the projects vary from industrial design to corporate identity. Its experience and knowledge of the real estate sector, put the Studio in an absolute novel position in the marketplace, capable of designing for both national and international buyers as well as to develop real estate projects through activities for search services and revitalization of prestigious properties in region of Tuscany.

Curriculum ARTIFEX

Stefano Bigi (Arezzo, 1962), Marco Lapi (Arezzo, 1962), Marco Rossi (Florence, 1962), Claudio Lastrucci (Arezzo, 1962), founded Studio Artifex in Terranuova Bracciolini in 1990. Alessio Agnoletti (Arezzo, 1970), Enzo Monini (Florence, 1970), Stefano Fabbroni (Arezzo, 1970), Simone Tellini (Arezzo, 1975), joined the architectural practice in 1999.
Specialized in landscape planning, design of building and interiors, Studio Artifex is a growing work team with a broad portfolio of various difficulty projects including residential buildings, hotels, and corporate architectures. The design conceived by the practice is oriented towards research and evolved planning in a fusion between aesthetic solutions and technological content.
In the course of its activities, the Studio has carried out works for public administrations and important clients as ABB Power-One Italy SpA, Prada SpA, C.R.T. SpA, Consortium Terranuova (TerraNuova – Pure Energy), La Castelnuovese Soc.Coop., Città Giardino Srl (The Garden City), Grotti Marmi, Cioncolini Srl, B.C.F. Srl, Euroterriflora Srl, Fattoria Terranuova.
The realized works of the Studio comprise projects as the “Il Melograno” and “Paperina” Housign Estate, the new City Council Hall of Terranuova, the restoration of historical buildings as “Concini Palace” and the “Poggio Bracciolini Villa”, between 1998 and 2004. In 2005 the Bieffe Trade Center and the new Rehab Center of CRT SpA . Between 2006 and 2008,  the new Urban Plan of  “The Garden City” in Terranuova and Caposelvi in Montevarchi. In 2010 the Studio realized the new “Pura Energia” Manufacturing Plant. In 2014 the new Industrial Urban Plan for Consortium Terranuova and Prada SpA, as well as the preliminary project for Filippovskoye Urban Village in the Region of Moscow. In 2015 the facades renovation and expansion of ABB Power Italy SpA areas for Electric Vehicle Charging testing and research labs. In 2015, the first phase of  The City Garden’s urbanization works was completed. In the same time was started the construction of low-energy performance buildings, certified KlimaHouse.
Recently completed projects comprise the renovation of “ExCoop” Corporate Office Building, the browfield redevelopment of Antica Tabaccaia Resort in Cicogna, and the “Old Warehouse for Tobacco” in Piantravigne.
Artifex has participated in many of the most important national and international architectural competitions, obtaining both recognition and prizes: in 2005, it won the section B award (recovery of existing patrimonial building) in the 2nd edition Giorgio Vasari Prize for Architecture, with the project “Restoration of the ex-Oratory of the Fellowship of the Virgin Mary in the town of Terranuova Bracciolini.”
In 2007, the Studio placed third in the open competition, “Grand Prize Merano Giardini,” instituted by the Department of the Environment in Merano, BZ. Two years later, in 2009, it classified second for ideas for the “Renovation of Piaza del Malgher” promoted in the town of Pozza di Fassale, TN. During the same year, the Studio received honourable mention in the ideas competition published by the “O.M.B.B. Officine Meccaniche Brevette Bertoline S.r.l.” for “Reuse of Industrial Warehouses in Verona.”
On 2010, in collaboration with the Studio Giordano Pedrazzoli Saupi S.r.l., the Studio participated in the competition for the planning of the “New Municipal Town Hall in Paratico, BS” and also the “Renovation of Town Squares and Public Places in Mantova,” for which it received honourable mention. In 2011, it participated in the international competition for the construction of the “Polifunctional Centre of Jossingfjord” in Sokndal, Norway.
In 2012 it won the competition first prize for ‘The redevelopment of the PPA Sport Centre”, organized by Terranuova Bracciolini’s administration.